The Heritage of Kappa

 Born in Turin, Italy in 1967, Kappa is the leading Italian sportswear brand that produces apparel, footwear and accessories for sport and leisure. Present in more than 130 countries and worn by professional athletes and style enthusiasts around the world, Kappa is recognized for its heritage of technical sportswear, and non-conformist blend of Italian technology and style.

The Champion's Jersey

In 1998, for the first time in the Italian sport history, a brand logo appeared on the technical apparel of a football team: Juventus FC. From 1998 until the 1999-2000 season, Kappa and Juventus played together, representing the most lasting and winning technical sponsorship in Juventus history. 

 In 1999 Kappa supplied the Italian National Football Team with its own technical material. As part of its sponsorship, Kappa developed the Kombat TM 2000. Thanks to its design, its fitness fabric and all its characteristics, this Jersey has revolutionized the idea of sports and race kits. 

The Leading Italian Sportswear Brand

In 1984 Kappa stepped into the Olympics Games. Kappa involved a NASA scientist and a designer to create a race uniform that mixed sports and technology together. Down the sides of the US uniforms appeared the 222 Banda: the iconic future of Kappa and its “Authentic” label today. 

The Omini

The Omini

it was 1969 during a Beatrix® swimwear photo-shoot when the camera flash jammed. Two models, a man and a woman sitting back-to-back, were immortalized against the light, becoming the inspiration for the iconic Omini Logo.
Kappa celebrated the 50th anniversary of its Iconic Omini Logo with Italian artist Vanessa Beecroft, curated by Neville Wakefield at Art Basel Miami. Through 50 different interactions, couples, sat back-to-back moving in synchrony, reinterpreted the trademark with a minimal-style live performance.  

Kappa US

Today, Kappa US stays true to its Italian heritage, creating apparel, footwear and accessories that encourage individuality and the pursuit of being your most authentic self. From unique brand collaborations and innovative campaigns to major event sponsorships, Kappa remains an indelible element of global fashion, sport and culture.