This Holiday Season, Robe di Kappa, luxury sub-label of the leading Italian sportswear brand, Kappa, proudly unveils its latest collection, a harmonious fusion of Americana style and collegiate sportswear influences. With a keen eye for sophistication and a passion for exceptional craftsmanship, the RdK team has curated a collection that exudes class and refinement.

The Fall / Winter 2023 collection presents a refreshing take of jackets, knitwear, bottoms, and headwear. Each piece is a testament to the rich heritage of the Ivy League institutions, blending traditional elegance with modern versatility. A carefully selected color palette featuring cream and black silhouettes are highlighted by rich navy and burgundy details. Each garment is crafted with attention to detail and a commitment to quality, ensuring longevity and comfort.

The Robe di Kappa FW23 Collection will be available on starting November 26th.

Robe Giovani Solo Varsity Jacket - Jet Black
Robe Giovani Sea Cardigan - Jet Black
Robe Giovani Fuoco T-Shirt - Grey
Robe Giovani Finale Varsity Jacket - Beige