Kappa is the fusion of sport and style.

Kappa is deeply rooted in the technical discipline of sport performance, and fused with style inspired by the passion of those that wear us.

Born in Turin, Italy in 1967, Kappa now spans the globe, and multiple sport disciplines. Kappa® is a a global sponsor of important football, rugby, basketball, volleyball, F1, rally, ski, sailing, golf, fencing and martial arts teams, as well as of many sports federations.

Our signature “Omini” Logo bears the standard of performance for rigorous athletic performance, and unique style that commemorates the individuality of those that wears us.


A DNA of Sport

Kappa was born in sport. Our designers are dedicated to the performance of the athlete. Through rigorous study, and skill we aim to achieve superior function for the athlete. The DNA of our Brand extends beyond the athlete however, as the passion of sport is ignited by the collective – of the teams, the fans, the community. We imprint our logo on every garment to reflect this unity in a style as unique as this passion.


A Global Collective

Founded in Turin, Italy in 1967 we are a collective of entrepreneurs. We are defined by the characteristics of being non-conformist, technological, and global. The heart of the contender defines our passion for what we do. It is with this passion that we relentlessly drive forward.